Donkey Hide

n China ejiao is a traditional medicine used for different types of illnesses. An amount of 5 to 10 grams may be dissolved in hot water or wine and mixed with other ingredients in the traditional Chinese materia medica or taken alone. It is believed that donkey-hide gelatin treats a variety of conditions such as bleeding, dizziness, insomnia and a dry cough.

Quite a few manufacturers produce an ejiao bar called “Gu Yuan Gao” (固元膏) in Shandong province. Gu Yuan Gao is a bar made up of ejiao, nuts, sesame, Chinese dates and cooking wine.[13] It can also be used as an edible coating for dates, producing another type of snack.

Ejiao is also used for applying di mo, a special paper-like musical reed membrane, to the dizi, a transverse Chinese flute; it dries quickly, holds quite firmly, and is water-soluble, allowing later replacement of di mo.

The molecular basis for its usage in treating anemia has been shown at least in part from the peptidic components combining multiple approaches. The hematopoietic effect of Colla Corii Asini (Ejiao) may benefit cancer patients suffering from myelosuppression due to radiotherapy or chemotherapy.


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